Alfredo De Vido | Architects
Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA
A site in the rolling countryside of Virginia, near Washington, D.C., was chosen by the National Park Service as the venue for summer concerts for audiences up to 6,500. Acoustic reception and good sight lines were required for all seats and also for the patrons seated on surrounding lawns. Noises from an adjacent expressway had to kept to a minimum. All this had to be done on a budget of $3 million. The resulting design is a wood roof resting on queen post trusses and arranged so as to project a balanced sound from the stage. About half the audience is seated under this shell. The remaining concert-goers sit on the lawns outside but can see and hear as well as those inside. A series of free-standing baffles helps reinforce the sound. Natural red cedar cladding ties the whole structure together and harmonizes with the natural site.

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