Alfredo De Vido | Architects
Performing Arts Space - Brooklyn, New York
This theatre is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in an unused warehouse. The theatre has 77 seats and is located within the existing space as an acoustical shell separated from a lobby space and restaurant by a glass wall.

The shell is flexible, using large curved prefab plywood panels attached to poles. The configuration shown is circular, but other arrangements of the panels are possible. The shell will be surrounded by catwalks to permit a variety of lighting and theatrically options.

Drapery will provide sound modulation in the spaces within semicircular panels. Practice studios and small rehearsal spaces will be located in the basement. On the exterior, a metal armature will be constructed to house the marquee, fabric banners and build-in lighting, all of which will be able to be changed to fit the productions currently mounted.
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