Alfredo De Vido | Architects
Our firm's main purpose is to produce for our clients a high level of design quality combined with careful attention to their budgets and intended completion dates.

We also believe in designing for our clients a facility that is efficient to operate and that fits agreeably into its neighborhood. To achieve this, our principals work directly with the client in all phases of a project. These phases can include planning, research and programming, site selection and development, architectural and interior design, working drawings, contract preparation, bid evaluation, and construction contract supervision. Important to our design process is the participation of the clients; only that way will the final building reflect their real needs.

Years of construction experience have brought us commissions as Architect/Builders. This kind of involvement in a project delivers a timely, more cost-effective result.

Our past projects have yielded us special experience in theatre design and acoustics, in hotel/resort planning, store and office design, and in house and housing design. However, we approach any project in close partnership with our client and specialized consultants, since our aim is to find solutions that are innovative, yet buildable on a reasonable budget and timetable.