Alfredo De Vido | Architects
The Royale - Manhattan, NY
Real estate professionals recognize the desirability of large apartments on high floors with good views. To meet this demand, the architects designed a building on Manhattan's East Side that places larger apartments and duplexes on the upper floors and studio and one-bedroom units on the lower floors. To achieve the required area, the floors are cantilevered at the 26th floor and again at the 35th floor.

The facade of the tower consists of brick piers combined with a glass curtain wall. The cruciform shape provides all major rooms with views in two directions. The beveled corners accentuate the view from within the apartment.

Retail and commercial space is provided on Third Avenue frontage and on a portion of the 64th Street frontage, where a plaza provides access to the condominium tower. A second, public plaza on the 63rd Street features planting areas and seating.
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