Alfredo De Vido | Architects
Furniture, built-ins and lighting. In specific situations, the clients request built-in banquettes and tables, combined with upholstered chairs and sofas to harmonize with the banquettes. Economical chairs were fashioned for sale in quantity using CNC technology and stock upholstery fabric. The architects have designed a series of tables, chairs and storage units that are distinctive, well-crafted and appropriate to their specific space. A sculptural table was fashioned from a 200 year old tree trunk in the Village of East Hampton. The tree was cut into slabs and three seating units and four tables were made from the found log. In Word of Mouth, upholstered chairs featured distinctive cutout patterns on the their backs. The contoured backrests are shaped for comfort as well as eye appeal. The reddish hue of the wood harmonizes with the strained detail of wood trim on the walls.
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